Food & Drink Photography

Capturing the essence of your culinary and drink creations requires more than just a camera; it demands a keen eye, a passion for food, and the ability to tell a visual story. At Bella media Studio Food Photography, we specialize in creating stunning images that showcase the artistry and flavors of your dishes.

We offer Food and Drink Photography Services in London & UK. If you are looking for a food photographer in London and UK you are in the right place.

Why choose Bella Media Studio for Food Photography?

  • Passion for Food: We are not just photographers; we are food enthusiasts. We understand the dedication that goes into crafting a perfect dish, and we translate that passion into every photograph we capture. We customise every session based on the client’s needs and taste. Every client has different styles, different cuisine and different branding. We keep in mind all these details when we plan a new shoot.

  • Visual Storytelling: Our goal is to tell the unique story behind each plate. Whether you’re a restaurant, a chef, or a food brand, we work closely with you to understand your vision and convey it through compelling visuals.

  • Professionalism: With years of experience in the industry, we bring a professional touch to every project. From meticulous composition to expert lighting, we ensure that your food looks as delectable in the photo as it does on the plate.

How we work: methodology

We begin by working hand-in-hand with your head chef or manager to devise a comprehensive communication strategy. Understanding your unique offerings and goals is paramount to creating a tailored plan.

After that we will focus on the aspects that we need to for the best success of your communication strategy for your business.

Collaborating closely with the head chef or manager, we’ll develop a comprehensive communication strategy aimed at enhancing your online presence through impactful content creation.

We are firm believers that to elevate this aspect of your business, a strategic approach is essential. Our process involves meticulously addressing various facets of your operation: showcasing your staff and brand, documenting the food-making process, conducting a professional photoshoot for your signature dishes, curating content tailored for social media channels, and capturing the artistry of your drinks and cocktails.

Through these carefully planned steps, we aim to redefine and optimize your digital representation, ensuring a compelling narrative that resonates with your audience.

Our services

Menu Photography

Highlighting your final products is a crucial step to ignite cravings and prompt people to desire a taste of your dishes immediately. By meticulously managing your online presence through high-quality images, showcasing the culinary expertise of your professionally trained staff, you increase the likelihood of attracting customers to your restaurant and enticing them to explore your business firsthand.

Staff & Brand showcase

Capturing the essence of your team and your brand is crucial. We spotlight the personalities behind your culinary creations, fostering a connection between your audience and the dedicated individuals shaping their dining experience.Showcase the culinary masterminds behind the creations with captivating chef portraits to enhance your personality as brand, as company, as food business.

Social Media Content

Your online presence extends beyond your website. We curate engaging content tailor-made for your social media channels, ensuring a consistent and captivating representation across platforms.

During this phase, our focus is on crafting images that immerse viewers in the potential experiences awaiting them at the restaurant. Adopting the perspective of customers, we engage in the photoshoot, capturing authentic moments as if we were patrons. The overarching goal remains unchanged: to kindle the desire for individuals to visit the restaurant and personally partake in the same enriching experiences depicted in the photographs. But not only this, we also take customers in the food making process, the abilty to craft the food they will experience in your restaurant. 

Drinks & Cocktails Photoshoot

It’s crucial to direct our attention to beverages, particularly the art of crafting cocktails, as it plays a significant role in the business. We aim to showcase the skill and creativity involved in cocktail making through captivating images, enticing people to visit and indulge in the delightful experience of trying your exceptional drinks.


If you are looking for a Food Photographer in London & UK you can certainly contact us. Our team is made up of professionals with years of experience to deliver you the best quality possible.

A Food & Drink Photography service in London & UK with us typically includes a range of offerings designed to showcase culinary creations and beverages in the most enticing and appealing way possible. Here’s an overview of what such a service might include:

1. Menu Photography:
Capturing high-quality images of dishes featured on the menu, highlighting the presentation, colors, and textures to entice customers.

2. Food Styling
Ensuring that each dish is arranged and presented aesthetically to enhance its visual appeal in photographs.

3. Chef Portraits
Creating professional portraits of the chefs or kitchen staff, showcasing the personalities behind the culinary expertise.

4. Food Making Process Documentation
Photographing the step-by-step process of creating dishes, providing a behind-the-scenes look at the culinary craftsmanship.

5. Dish Photoshoot
Conducting dedicated photoshoots for specific dishes, ensuring that they are showcased in their most appetizing and visually appealing form.

6. Restaurant Ambiance Photography
Capturing the overall atmosphere of the restaurant, including interior design, décor, and any unique features that contribute to the dining experience.

7. Social Media Content Creation
Developing content tailored for social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, to engage with a wider audience and promote the restaurant.

8. Drinks and Cocktails Photography
Showcasing the artistry of beverages, including cocktails, wines, and other drinks, with images that capture their color, texture, and presentation.

9. Post-Production Editing
Enhancing and retouching images to ensure they meet professional standards and align with the desired style and branding. In every package there is a certain amount of edited images included in the rate. More images can be purchased upon receivng the private gallery link. 

10 High-Resolution Image Delivery
We supply clients a private gallery link where high-resolution images are been held and they are suitable to be used on social media and website or prints. The private gallery contain always all the best edited images from the session or the job. The Client will receive the images included in the plan that has been selected ruing the booking, if the Client wishes to purchase more there will be possibility to do so. 

These services collectively contribute to building a strong and visually appealing online presence for the restaurant, attracting customers and conveying the culinary excellence and unique atmosphere that sets the establishment apart. The specific services offered may vary among food and drink photographers in our team in London & UK, so it’s essential to discuss your specific needs and expectations.

The rates for Food & Drink photography services in London & UK with us can vary widely based on several factors: the scope of the project, the duration of the shoot, and the intended use of the images.

Here are some general considerations:

  1. Hourly or Daily Rates: We have different packages available starting at £275 for 2 hours shooting and 35 edits included. Complete price-list can be downloaded here.

  2. Project-Based Pricing: For larger projects or comprehensive photography services that include various elements like menu photography, food styling, and social media content creation, we can tailor a dedicate price for this. Please contact us here to discuss in details.

  3. Usage Rights: Consider whether the quoted rate includes the licensing or usage rights for the images on the business website and social media only. Commercial use, such as for advertising or promotional materials, may incur additional costs.

  4. Location and Travel: If the we need to travel to a specific location or if the shoot more than one hour from our location, additional fees for travel and accommodation may apply. Complete price-list here.
  5. Customization: Rates can be customized based on the client’s specific needs and the complexity of the project. Clients may opt for additional services such as video content creation, which can impact the overall cost.

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